This Made My Day

Shit day, ill day, wrong day. However bad it can be, there's always something that will make our day. Life's complexities may make or break us. I opt to make the most of what I get out of it. Filter the ones that creates the greatest lifetime memories. Chart it in the life diary and happily scream "This made my day" !

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    Fish Be With You

    Woke up early in the morning to witness one of General Santos City’s “unconventional” tourist destination - the Fishport!

    The night before our planned visit, I’ve read a blog that visitors to the port can’t wear shorts , must take a foot bath and wear boots when in the premise. That made my boxer friend Masaya a little bit apprehensive, not that his feel smells bad (LOL) but because we don’t have boots.

    We went anyway.

    At the fishport administration office, we were provided with a pair of boots each for PhP30.00 and free cellophane as socks (your regular plastic pack, such a great invention).

    By 6:00am the rush of people were all over. Tuna of all sizes and kinds were carried from the fishing vessels to the weighing platforms. The heaviest one I saw was about 98 kilograms and I’m not even sure if that was the biggest catch they’ve got today. Probably not.

    Indeed, GenSan is living it’s title as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines” with all this daily fresh catch. And oh yeah, this is a sushi and sashime perfect city too.

    It’s a one fine-apple day!

    Had a day tour in Dole Pineapple plantation with my friend Masaya. Thanks to the awesome Aethan for making this fabulous day! I never thought the plantation covered a really vast area. Miles and miles and all you see are nothing but pineapples. And the air smells, well pineapple of course plus the dust. Oh my pineapples - the fruit that always reminds me of summer.

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