This Made My Day

Shit day, ill day, wrong day. However bad it can be, there's always something that will make our day. Life's complexities may make or break us. I opt to make the most of what I get out of it. Filter the ones that creates the greatest lifetime memories. Chart it in the life diary and happily scream "This made my day" !

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    Kit Kat

    While Typhoon Glenda (International Name: Rammasun) unleashed it’s wrath in Metro Manila, I kept still inside my room munching on these little “soul calmers”.



    Full Potential.

    Careless pour of the rain outside, calming background music, a refreshing Apple Basil Smoothie, Coelho’s on one hand, phone on the side. Just trying to be productive on another lazy afternoon by filling my mind with good, happy and rewarding thoughts. Need to be in optimum health again to take the challenge of working for a living.

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